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We collect these details because we need to check with our GP that you are eligible and safe for using our oxygen therapy.

    Who are you?
    Have you already had any hyperbaric sessions and if so how many and when was your last session? If YES, please describe below: Are you taking any medication? Are you under any medical diagnosis? High blood pressure or taking blood pressure medication? Ear or sinus disease (including infections and/or surgery)? Asthma? Claustrophobia? Cataracts? Seizure disorders/epilepsy? Uncontrolled high fever?
    Diabetes or poor blood sugar control? Congenital Spherocytosis or sickle cell anemia? Lung disease/damage, COPD, emphysema, collapsed lung, or fluid in the lungs, pneumonia, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, severe shortness of breath)? History of chest surgery? Long COVID Symptoms? Are you currently pregnant or potentially pregnant? Cancer? Heart Failure? Do you have any implanted medical devices? This includes pacemakers, deep brain stimulation, and all other electronic medical device implants?